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Archery Board


Stafford Archers Indoor Colour Scheme

The indoors scheme follows on from the outdoor scheme, but is a measure of archery improvement as the rounds are shot over a similar distance - 18metres/20yds.

To earn a colour, the archer must submit TWO scores as indicated on the table. As a recognition of achieving the colour, the archer is presented with the appropriate colour tag. The previous colour must be handed back.

Note that there are separate colours for each bow type. They are distinguished by the bow type printed name and indoor colours have a house motif.

You must submit all scores, EVEN IF scores do not achieve the colour requirement. Because all scores contribute to your handicap and classification.

The rounds are as follows


All rounds are 10 zone i.e. 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 working outwards from the centre gold.

  • What if I fail to achieve the required score?
    All scores must be handed to the Records Officer as they all contribute to handicap and classification. When you have achieved the two scores required for the colour, then alert the Colours Administrator.
  • Do I have to use the prescribed score sheet?
    No, you can score on any sheet, iPad, IPhone, ... etc. and then submit your score via or the website form.
  • What does 30 + 20 mean?
    All rounds but the WA 70 round are shot over two distances and these are the two distances in yards or metres e.g. 30 yds and 20 yds for the White colour.
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