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Social media

As a club we us social platforms to get some information out quickly. When using these platforms please adhere to the AGB guidelines. 

As good practice there are some additional guidelines to follow, to make our social communication relevant, professional, collaborative, inclusive and positive.

  • All users need to be identifiable, using a first name, and the initial of your last name on your profile. No anonymous status or nicknames to be used please.

  • Information needs to be archery specific - i.e asking for a shooting partner etc.

  • Posts need to be positive.  Anyone posting negative or aggressive comments will be removed from the group.

  • Golden rule - think before you post, consider if it is relevant, consider the tone you are using, consider can I communicate in an appropriate manner.

  • Don't be offended if you don't get an immediate response to a post. We all use these communication channels differently and may not have the opportunity to check messages regularly.

It is not feasible for an individual to monitor these groups all the time, if you see a comment that is not suitable, please email

Image by Norbert Braun


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